High Five Formal

Formal-wear meets running-wear meets scavenger hunt meets beer.

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Picture this: a scavenger hunt around the city with a dress code - no fancy shoes, but fancy everything else. A large group of people in formal-wear and yes, running shoes, team up and compete in a scavenger hunt around the city. This friendly competition ends at a bar, but the night has just begun.

This, my friends, is the High Five Formal.

The first high five formal was in 2014, and since that first successful year it's been a hit among regular, infrequent, and never-but-planning-to-come-soon Risers. It's a joint event between The Rise and The Most Informal Running Club, Ever. NYC (TMIRCE NYC), our sister running club.

If you've never been to a Rise workout, well...this is nothing like it. There are no Burpees, or box jumps, and we aren't trying to set any sweat records with our fancy clothes on. But the vibes are 10/10, and you'll definitely want to see these people again...bright and early!