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Fill out the form below to submit an entry to the 2019 Squat Challenge. Check the leaderboard in a day or two to make sure your entry has been verified and counted!

Make sure to pick the correct week when you submit your squats!

  • #Week1 (12/1-12/7): Regular Squats
  • #Week2 (12/8-12/14): Jump Squats
  • #Week3 (12/15-12/21): Sumo Squats
  • #Week4 (12/22-12/28): Bulgarian Split Squats
  • #Week5 (12/29-12/31): Any squat you like!

The 2019 Squat Challenge ended on January 1st at 12:00 AM Eastern Time. No more submissions will be accepted. Check out the leaderboard here.