Almost everybody knows push ups and sit ups. They aren’t easy, but at least we all have an idea of what they should probably look like.

But what are Burpees? Squat Jumps? Is “Magic Mike” really an exercise or is it just a heartwarming movie about male strippers starring a “shirt-averse cast“?

Thanks to 12 Minute Athlete you can watch demos for many of the exercises we like to perform at our workouts. These videos also include some tips for good form and technique. All of these exercises are bodyweight exercises — no special equipment necessary!

Air Squats

Box Jumps

Burpee Box Jumps


Dive Bomber Pushups (Magic Mikes)

High Knees

Jump Lunges

Mountain Climbers

Pike Jumps

Pike Pushups


Plank Jumps (Side to Side)


Reptile Pushups


Snowboarder Jumps

Squat Jumps


T-Plank Pushups

T-Plank Twists

Tricep Pushups

Tuck Jumps


Walking Lunges