Challenge Leaderboard

Below is the leaderboard for the 2019 Burpee Challenge. Click your score to see the breakdown by subchallenge.

Every time you submit an entry and it is approved, your score will be updated. Kick butt and get to the top of the list!

The 2019 Burpee Challenge ended on March 31st at 12:00 AM Eastern Time. This is the final leaderboard.

Burpeelicious (Huy)42
Goburpeethat@Leipzig (Luisa)42
PaBlurpee@Leipzig (Pablo)42
BurpLee (Kirsten)38
BurpeedMyPants (Ben)32
TheBurpMeister (Payden)12
BurpeesGalore (Steven)9
AnnaWoodATX (Anna)7
IBurped (Chad)6
LPZurbees (David)4
BergerFlavoredBurps (Rebecca)3
YeahBurpee (Anthony)3
Daddy Mullins (Joseph)2
OopsIBurpeedAgain (Shannon)1