Challenge Leaderboard

Below is the leaderboard for the 2019 Pushup Challenge. Click your score to see the breakdown by subchallenge.

Every time you submit an entry and it is approved, your score will be updated. Kick butt and get to the top of the list!

The 2019 Pushup Challenge ended on October 1st at 12:00 AM Eastern Time. This is the final leaderboard.

Down. Up. Repeat. (Ben)4637
Push Ups, Sit ups, and plenty of Juice (Jamaar)4447
Leo Likes Dogs and Pushups (Leo)3470
The Only Prescription Is More Pushups! (Huy)3280
Push it real good (Kirsten)2672
rubber brand arms (Clyde)1950
The Pushness (Brian)1520
Maj. Dank Planks (Michael)1052
Pushups are soo much fun (Sophia)365
Gillian R. (Gillian)341
Coldav (Colleen)252
I don’t wanna go to school (Rabi)188
More pushups than Dave (Anthony)164
Jgruns4fun (Janis)36
Noodle Arms (Lori)21