How are those pushups going?

Hey there. It’s your old pal Ben. How’s everything? As you may know, we’re now two weeks into The Rise’s pushup challenge! Just wanted to know how those pushups are going? Have you been doing 50 a day, Monday through Friday? Do you feel stronger? Are your muscles grateful for all the attention you’ve been…


On March 1st: Form and Flow is Back Outdoors!

Last Thursday marked the end of our six week run of Form and Flow at the New York Insight Meditation Center. We’re so grateful to the NYIMC for keeping us warm on some frigid winter mornings. But tomorrow is March 1st, and so we must march back outdoors – no matter what kind of weather comes our…


Sparkle Rise RECAP – Sparkle Mudder?

On Friday night, The Rise NYC had its very first Sparkle Rise workout and it was nothing short of sparktacular (and a bit muddy)! We met at the USS Maine Monument at Columbus Circle after a day of on and off rain. The rain passed just in time as we put on our sparkle hats…


Sparkle Rise Friday Night Workout

The Rise at night? We must be crazy! Working out in the morning is kind of our thing. You know…RISE and shine; early to bed, early to RISE; workout with the sunRISE. It just fits. However, we know that getting up for a 6:30am workout is tough. It’s even tougher when it’s dark and cold…


The Rise Spreads Its Wings

The Rise started in NYC, and we have a rich history in this fine city. But the fact is – the spirit of The Rise is not (and should not be) confined to arbitrarily-drawn borders. It should be free-flowing, like the Hudson River, or the Colorado River. Or the Rillito River. Or the Elsterflutbett. And what…


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