Where were you

#WhereDidYourWingsGo Challenge

How did you fare this February?! Did the ups and downs of the mercury confuse you? Sometimes feeling overly dressed, having to shed layers, then having to bundle back up an hour later? It was a weird season, but scientist prove wearing your Rise gear is the only way to feel properly dressed* *This statement is not…


We Missed You, Kristin

Just because it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can just make promises and then break ’em willy-nilly. And you promised us you’d be at the workout! At least you implicitly did when you RSVP’d yes on facebook. So what happened, Kristin? The weather was perfect. The new location was exciting. The stage was…


Where were you today, Vic?

What happened this morning, Victor? It’s one thing to not show up for a workout. In fact, very few actually do show up. We talk to people all the time who seem to love the idea of working out but we hear the same excuses over and over again. It always starts with, “I’d love…