It’s April, Fools

The weather has turned a corner. Baseball is in full swing. Roses are (probably) blooming. Somewhere. Hibernation over. No more excuses. Come out and play! Tomorrow (April 2nd) we’re bringin’ the fun to Times Square for our Wednesday core body workout. New Yorkers may hate Times Square, but how many New Yorkers have done burpees,…


One Huge Week

Last week was a big week for The Rise. While the rest of NYC was sleeping we were taking Spring by storm (click for video). I’d say we’re getting back to normal this week, but that’s not gonna happen. Normal is boring. If last week was big, this week will be huge.  #HIITRise Monday we…


CP, PIX 11 Morning News, and Willy B Coming Right Up

Killer weekend, dude. Marathons, 1/2 marathons, and 5Ks out the ears! The Rise was representing in both DC and NY. Props to everybody who ran, scored a PR, or accomplished something they never thought possible. Hard work pays off! Rest those legs, have a drink, but get back in the routine of moving your body…


Back to Roots: Union Square

We do move around from week to week, but Union Square is a staple so we will be there tomorrow! It’s easily accessible from everywhere. It’s got room to move. It’s got a big, honkin’ clock for when you want to know what time it is and also want to be super confused at the…


This Week on The Rise

This week on The Rise… Kadeem jumps a box (M @ 6:30am – Washington Square Park) Pau burpees in his pants (W @ 6:30am – Chinatown) Jasmin runs up a hill (F @ 6:30am – Williamsburg Bridge) …and somebody wears a hat.

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