Nov. 20 Fit Flash Mob @ Flatiron Building

Make sure you warm up well on your run or bike ride over to the Flatiron Building because 6:30 AM is gonna hit like a ton of bricks. In a good way. In the “you’re going to sweat a lot before 7 AM” sort of way. As always, part of the workout is you running…


Nov. 13 Fit Flash Mob @ Zuccotti Park

Upset you didn’t occupy Wall Street the first time around? Bring the noise — rain, snow, or shine — tomorrow morning. You didn’t have anything better to do at 6:27 AM, did you? Turns out the best way to stick it to the man is a solid mix of pushups, situps, and other core body…


Nov. 6 Fit Flash Mob @ Pulitzer Fountain

Get on board, NYC. Fit Flash Mobs are hardcore. You put in the work and they kick your ass. But you’re done by about 7am so it’s a good deal, right? This Wednesday (Nov. 6) we’re meeting at Pulitzer Fountain. Run, bike, or crawl there. Triple bonus points for anybody who puts in 5+ miles…


Oct. 30 Fit Flash Mob @ Union Square

This Wednesday, October 30th, we go back to our roots. Union Square has been home to many core body workouts. A lot of our sweat has been left on that pavement. Meet at 6:28 AM at Union Square and you’ll be ready to rock once the workout hits at 6:30. Somewhere between turning over from pushups…


Oct. 23 Fit Flash Mob @ Foley Square

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 we will occupy Foley Square for a good half hour of power. As always, this is a rain or shine event. #weatherproof The plan is simple enough. Show up, workout, and then enjoy the most productive Wednesday you’ve ever had. You’ll be amped all day. Pushups, situps, lunges, and burpees will…


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