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PLEASE Fill Out This Survey: Rise Challenges 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, so does our final month of Rise challenges! We post one every month and attempt them ourselves, but we’d like to get a better grasp on what you – the loyal blog follower – are doing! Have you attempted one challenge? Two? All of them?? Fill Out This Survey….


R is for…

We’re a third of the way through September, which means we’ve only got a week and a half left before fall kicks in! We all love that F word, but for now it seems like the letter R is taking center stage! Why R? Well – let’s go through some keywords. Rain This week has been…


Survey Says!

Attention Risers of NYC! We have been RISING UP for 6:30am workouts, 5 days a week for 4+ years. We’ve worked out in sunshine, darkness, rain, blizzards, hurricanes, heat & humidity, and sub-zero temps. Through it all there is one thing that keeps this train moving way more efficiently than the MTA – you! We…


TAG, You’re Fit: We’re Spray Painting Next Week

Risers! This is the time of year when your fitness wardrobe starts to change. Just as you started to get the hang of choosing gear that is both stylish and effective at shielding you from the cold…BAM! It’s no longer of use. Fortunately it’s a bit easier to dress functionally for summer workouts. Just wear moisture-wicking…


Squash Those Squashes

Risers! The second week of our squat challenge is here! 100 squats a day, Monday through Friday until the 28th of April. How are you doing? Are your glutes tingling with glee? Or do you wish you were on a glute-n free diet? If you’re having trouble getting motivated, you may just be intimidated by the…


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