Challenge Yourself: Hills Edition – September 13, 2013

Friday morning is a standing challenge to run up and down the Williamsburg Bridge incline as many times as possible in thirty minutes. Ready? Go! The rules are simple: run fast, touch the graffiti wall at the top, then turn around and get back to the starting line. Cheer for everybody. Spread love.

Hills: Up and Down – August 23, 2013

There’s only one way to get better at running hills: you gotta run some hills! And if you run a lot of them you will get good. Oh yeah, and you’ll sculpt your legs and ass. So there’s that. So that’s what we did today. Up and down the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge….


NYC Hill Running: Williamsburg Bridge – August 16, 2013

NYC hill running in lower Manhattan is more difficult than you’d imagine. Why? There are no hills! Bored with flat? “Build a bridge out of her!” Enter The Williamsburg (a.k.a. The Willy B) Bridge. Willy B is our Friday morning challenge The Rise family is always looking for a good challenge. And running hills repeatedly…


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