PLEASE Fill Out This Survey: Rise Challenges 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, so does our final month of Rise challenges! We post one every month and attempt them ourselves, but we’d like to get a better grasp on what you – the loyal blog follower – are doing! Have you attempted one challenge? Two? All of them?? Fill Out This Survey….


Enter 2019 With Abs of Steel: December Plank Challenge!

Our November Lunge Challenge is over! Did you crush it? Have you been stiff-legging your way around the city for most of the month? Or did you ditch the 150 lunges a day in favor of 150 Burpees? Let us know! It’s December – which means we’re in the last month of 2018 AND the…


Whole Lotta Lunges in November

October’s challenge was 1000 dips – 50 per day, Monday through Friday, for four weeks. How did you fare? Did you have trouble finding a bench? Have trouble finding the time? Have no trouble at all? Let us know! November is a special month. Today was the NYC Marathon (which – fun fact – always marks the…


Dip into October

September has come to an end (insert Green Day joke here) and so has our jump rope challenge. How did you fare? Did you ever get around to buying a jump rope? Did you successfully jump rope for five minutes a day? Let us know! For those of you not looking to invest in any…


We’re Jumping Rope in September

It’s Labor Day weekend – which means that summer is coming to a close. This also means that our flutterkick challenge is over! We took on 50 flutterkicks a day – Monday through Friday – for a total of 1000 flutterkicks in the month of August! But the time has come for a new challenge….


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