June Challenge: Sit Up, Feel The Burn.

May’s pull up challenge has come to a close! How did you fare? Did you buy a pull up bar? Use some outdoor fitness equipment? Find scaffolding? Use your gym? Or did you “nope” your way through the month? No matter what – we want feedback! This month brings us back to an exercise that…


Elevate Yourself: May Pull Up Challenge!

Last month’s challenge was squats – 100 a day, Monday through Friday. How did you fare? Did you succeed? Did you almost succeed? Did you get to 99 squats and give up? Are you still doing squats because you didn’t realize the challenge was over? Tell us about your experience! Each month’s challenge comes from the…


Squash Those Squashes

Risers! The second week of our squat challenge is here! 100 squats a day, Monday through Friday until the 28th of April. How are you doing? Are your glutes tingling with glee? Or do you wish you were on a glute-n free diet? If you’re having trouble getting motivated, you may just be intimidated by the…


The Squatty Party Begins April 2nd

Tomorrow is April, FOOLS! But the upcoming challenge (aka “squatty party”) is no joke. March was all about pushups. 50 a day, Monday through Friday, until yesterday! How did you fare? Do you feel stronger? Do you feel better? More confident in your ability to get out of bed after sleeping on your stomach? Do…


Our Pushup Challenge Starts on March 5th!

The Rise February running challenge has come to a close. How did your experience go? I’m guessing you fell into one of these categories: You completed the challenge successfully! Amazing! You should totally tell us about your experience! You dropped off early on. It happens! Life gets in the way. You should still tell us what happened…


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