TAG, You’re Fit: We’re Spray Painting Next Week

Risers! This is the time of year when your fitness wardrobe starts to change. Just as you started to get the hang of choosing gear that is both stylish and effective at shielding you from the cold…BAM! It’s no longer of use. Fortunately it’s a bit easier to dress functionally for summer workouts. Just wear moisture-wicking…


Rise RECAP: May 14 – May 18

It was graduation week for many NYC-area colleges, so we threw our caps in the air and collected our sweaty Rise diplomas! Luckily, what we lack in photoshop skills (see the featured image for this blog post), we make up for in Burpee abilities. Check out the recap! Monday – HIIT Going to bed early…


Rise RECAP: May 7 – May 11

In this past week’s edition of “Risers Gonna Rise”, Team Wednesday whipped up a French-themed workout you’re never gonna baguette. Sure, that pun was bad, but that doesn’t mean I’m lying about the workout. Check out the recap to see all the things we did last week! Monday – HIIT We dipped into our week with a smile…


Rise RECAP: Apr. 30 – May 4

Last week’s workouts are old hat by now, but we just had to share the news: the Washington Square fountain is back on!! This is the official start of “warm season” in NYC. I know it’s not summer yet. But pretty soon we’ll be celebrating warm-weather birthdays with water balloons. Or at least Noelle’s birthday….


Elevate Yourself: May Pull Up Challenge!

Last month’s challenge was squats – 100 a day, Monday through Friday. How did you fare? Did you succeed? Did you almost succeed? Did you get to 99 squats and give up? Are you still doing squats because you didn’t realize the challenge was over? Tell us about your experience! Each month’s challenge comes from the…


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