Rise RECAP: Jun 4 – Jun 8

Last week’s Rise workouts were off the proverbial chain. Vanessa – a long-time Riser who moved to Switzerland – woke up to sweat with us during her short NYC vay-cay; the Circle of Dooooom made its return to Brooklyn; and the Willy B crew learned how to count to ten in units of sprints. All…


Rise RECAP: May 28 – Jun 1

Wow – TONS of things happened at The Rise last week: We had a Memorial Day “Murph-like” workout on Monday; Rachel Tavel organized a Brooklyn Rise post-workout at SoulCycle; a dance troupe from Iceland gave a performance at Wednesday’s workout; we partnered with OutdoorFest for a special Friday workout in Queens; and Chad spray painted #AllTheShirts…


June Challenge: Sit Up, Feel The Burn.

May’s pull up challenge has come to a close! How did you fare? Did you buy a pull up bar? Use some outdoor fitness equipment? Find scaffolding? Use your gym? Or did you “nope” your way through the month? No matter what – we want feedback! This month brings us back to an exercise that…


We’re at Queensbridge Park on Friday for OutdoorFest!

Don’t show up to the Williamsburg Bridge this Friday. We know that by now the instinct to wake up at an outrageously early hour to run hill repeats on the Lower East Side is strong. Don’t worry, you’ll still be waking up at an outrageously early hour. But this time we’ll be sweating in a…


Rise RECAP: May 21 – May 25

Another week of Rising – Monday through Friday – DONE! Simon of “Simon Says” fame bossed the Brooklyn badasses around, Team Wednesday crowned a Burpee King, and the Kings of Queens lured in some total strangers. Want to learn more? Then read on! Monday – HIIT On Monday we do things tabata style – 20…


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