Union Square Flash Fitness – August 21, 2013

Highlights: Akil unleashed his inner beast during a set of death sprints. Annie would not stop doing pushups and even claimed they were easier than situps. Everybody laughed at least once and left sweaty and smiling. Leslie continues to set an ongoing record for being the most consistent. She lives the JUST SHOW UP attitude.

NYC Hill Running: Williamsburg Bridge – August 16, 2013

NYC hill running in lower Manhattan is more difficult than you’d imagine. Why? There are no hills! Bored with flat? “Build a bridge out of her!” Enter The Williamsburg (a.k.a. The Willy B) Bridge. Willy B is our Friday morning challenge The Rise family is always looking for a good challenge. And running hills repeatedly…


Union Square NYC Flash Mob Workout Recap – August 14, 2013

Flash Mob Workout Recap If you were looking for the perfect morning to get your exercise on in Union Square (and who isn’t?) then this was it. Cool air and no breeze. It felt like fall. We turned the boombox on and just as the ominous Union Square clock struck 0630000003017 the deck of cards flash mob…


Flash Mob Workout in Union Square NYC, August 14, 2013

Flash Mob Workout Tomorrow is Wednesday which means The Rise is doing a core body workout. We intend to make every Wednesday morning a flash mob workout. Locations may vary by week and it will be up to you to find out where we will be going. Just check The Rise’s blog, twitter, or facebook…


Rain Workout: HTFU – August 12, 2013

We needed a challenge Apparently, working out has just been too easy recently. Mama Nature knew we needed something to rally around. Some inspiration. An obstacle we could overcome together. A reminder of what makes us a few degrees more bad-ass than everybody else that woke up early this morning to workout. We needed a…


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