Columbus Circle of Power – September 04, 2013

Just because Columbus Circle is near the Upper West Side of Manhattan doesn’t mean you can’t get there by RUNNING ALL THE WAY FROM BROOKLYN! We encourage everybody to run or bike to our workouts, but if you have to run more than five miles you definitely have permission to take some public transportation. Running…


Columbus Circle Flash Fit Mob

Tomorrow is Wednesday, Sept. 04, 2013. What are you doing at 6:28AM? We’ll be at Columbus Circle if you want to up your game.

Hard Bodies Ruin The Cement – August 28, 2013

The Rise ran, biked, and MTA’ed their way to the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. At 6:30 AM we got psyched up, split into two teams, and began a team-based deck of cards workout race. Just a few cards into the workout building security gave us the boot citing something about how our hard bodies…


Flash Fit Mob @ NYC Apple Store

Tomorrow is Wednesday, August 28, 2013. The best part of your day could be working out with The Rise for the Wednesday core body workout. We will start promptly at 6:30 AM. This week’s location is the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. Is it early? Yes. Will you workout rain or shine? Yes.  Is this…


Tabata High Intensity Workout – August 26, 2013

Highlights: Jo returned to push the pace. Patty woke up late but decided it was a good idea to run faster and JUST SHOW UP. Chris wore a hamburger and fries t-shirt.

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