Fit Flash Mob @ Bethesda Fountain, Central Park

The Rise is hosting its first official workout in Central Park this Wednesday, September 18th, 2013. Get ready for a core body workout at Bethesda Fountain. We will meet on the ground level near the fountain and start promptly at 6:30 AM. Run or bike your way there (see the map below). Challenge a friend…


Tabata Intervals for Maximum Effort

Monday mornings with The Rise are all about pushing your limits. We do that with Tabata-style High Intensity Interval Training. You can read about the history and benefits of Tabata Training here and here. Simply put, it’s all about maximum effort. Our Tabata workout is the classic 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10…


Challenge Yourself: Hills Edition – September 13, 2013

Friday morning is a standing challenge to run up and down the Williamsburg Bridge incline as many times as possible in thirty minutes. Ready? Go! The rules are simple: run fast, touch the graffiti wall at the top, then turn around and get back to the starting line. Cheer for everybody. Spread love.

9-11 Brooklyn Bridge Workout – September 11, 2013

The Brooklyn Bridge is, hands down, the most scenic setting for a workout we’ve ever had in NYC. The sun was just rising over Brooklyn and the view of the Manhattan skyline was breathtaking. And since today is September 11th, the view of One World Trade and the US flag waving in the wind provided…


Brooklyn Bridge Here We Come

This Wednesday (September 11, 2013) at 6:30 AM we will leave our sweat all over the Brooklyn Bridge. Run or bike your way there to warm up. Show up a few minutes early and bring all your positive vibes. This will be the most memorable workout to date. Yes, we will be ON the bridge. Meet…


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