Oct. 30 Fit Flash Mob @ Union Square

This Wednesday, October 30th, we go back to our roots. Union Square has been home to many core body workouts. A lot of our sweat has been left on that pavement. Meet at 6:28 AM at Union Square and you’ll be ready to rock once the workout hits at 6:30. Somewhere between turning over from pushups…


Where were you today, Vic?

What happened this morning, Victor? It’s one thing to not show up for a workout. In fact, very few actually do show up. We talk to people all the time who seem to love the idea of working out but we hear the same excuses over and over again. It always starts with, “I’d love…


Oct. 23 Fit Flash Mob @ Foley Square

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013 we will occupy Foley Square for a good half hour of power. As always, this is a rain or shine event. #weatherproof The plan is simple enough. Show up, workout, and then enjoy the most productive Wednesday you’ve ever had. You’ll be amped all day. Pushups, situps, lunges, and burpees will…


Oct. 16 Fit Flash Mob @ Central Park (Bethesda Fountain)

Wednesday (Oct. 16) at 6:30 AM, rain or shine, The Rise will be gathering at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park. This is a #FitFlashMob so find your way to Bethesda Fountain any way you can. Running and biking are strongly encouraged.  Do whatever it takes to JUST SHOW UP. The plan? A 30 minute core…


The Willy B Challenge

Williamsburg Bridge hill repeats are how we earn our weekend. Every Friday morning we bust our asses up and down the incline of this bridge. It’s short, fast, and the best cardio workout you’ll find in NYC. And it’s exhausting. The challenge is simple: how many laps can you complete in thirty minutes? The incline…


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