Nov. 27 Fit Flash Mob @ Worldwide Plaza

Hang out with your tribe tomorrow and get fit while you’re at it. Added incentive: it’s the beginning of a month of non-stop food, drinks, and (highly caloric) merry making. Start the winter holiday season right by proactively earning your Thanksgiving feast. We’ll perform damage control on Friday with hill repeats. This week we’re meeting…


Nov. 20 Fit Flash Mob @ Flatiron Building

Make sure you warm up well on your run or bike ride over to the Flatiron Building because 6:30 AM is gonna hit like a ton of bricks. In a good way. In the “you’re going to sweat a lot before 7 AM” sort of way. As always, part of the workout is you running…


Nov. 13 Fit Flash Mob @ Zuccotti Park

Upset you didn’t occupy Wall Street the first time around? Bring the noise — rain, snow, or shine — tomorrow morning. You didn’t have anything better to do at 6:27 AM, did you? Turns out the best way to stick it to the man is a solid mix of pushups, situps, and other core body…


Nov. 6 Fit Flash Mob @ Pulitzer Fountain

Get on board, NYC. Fit Flash Mobs are hardcore. You put in the work and they kick your ass. But you’re done by about 7am so it’s a good deal, right? This Wednesday (Nov. 6) we’re meeting at Pulitzer Fountain. Run, bike, or crawl there. Triple bonus points for anybody who puts in 5+ miles…


Want a shirt? We are making them tomorrow in Union Square

We’ve got spray paint and a kickass stencil. We’ll bring it to tomorrow’s Union Square workout. Bring your own threads and we’ll combine forces to create more of these. You will have to keep going to The Rise, though, to get guns like this guy.

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