Willy B Champs

Rain day? Screw that. Let’s run! Tass and Douglas showed up this morning for their first time running repeats with us. How did they do? They did just what you’d expect kick butt champions to do: they kicked butt, took names, and told big, bad Willy B he ain’t got nothin’ on ’em. Fred, Kristin,…


We Missed You, Kristin

Just because it’s the Monday after Thanksgiving doesn’t mean you can just make promises and then break ’em willy-nilly. And you promised us you’d be at the workout! At least you implicitly did when you RSVP’d yes on facebook. So what happened, Kristin? The weather was perfect. The new location was exciting. The stage was…


Dec. 4 Fit Flash Mob @ Foley Square

Let’s have ourselves a little “family communication session.” We’ll make this simple. If you don’t show up for Wednesday’s workout at Foley Square, you’re going to be living in a van down by the river! If you want to get back on the right track just bring an ounce of motivation and we’ll bring the…


Washington Square Park Rocks!

Monday Monday high intensity interval training has never been better than it was today. Burpees in the fountain is now, officially, the best way to start the week. #ScrewCoffee #MoreBurpees Big ups to everybody who set their alarm, rolled out out of bed, got dressed in the dark, and then decided to JUST SHOW UP….


Dec. 2 HIIT @ Washington Square Park

Time to mix things up! The world is our gym and we’re gonna HIIT up all of New York City. Monday, December 2nd, we’re gonna rock a new location for our weekly high intensity interval workout. Same great time: 6:30 AM. Different great place: Washington Square Park. Rumor has it they replaced the water in…


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