Dec. 18 Fit Flash Mob @ Flatiron Building

This iconic NYC location has quickly become a favorite for our Wednesday core body workouts. Rock your body with us and you’ll enjoy the best Wednesday you’ve had in a long time. See you at 6:28 AM. Make it a priority to JUST SHOW UP. You’ll be glad you did. Besides, snoozers are losers. Pro…


Sprint Video

Remember last Friday’s exhausting sprint workout on the Williamsburg Bridge? Your legs certainly do. And now you can relive the magic with smooth, high def, and NASA-certified “gyroscopically stable” GoPro footage. Williamsburg Bridge Sprints from Frederick Soo on Vimeo.

That Was Ridiculous

Fact: this morning’s workout at the Williamsburg Bridge was the best workout we’ve ever had there. Lots of people showed up despite the cold. But what’s a few degrees between friends? The workout: short sprints up the Willy B incline for time. Coach Vican provided the whistle (read: pain) so we could know when to…


New Willy B Workout

Quick update: tomorrow’s workout is gonna rock your world. Timed sprints up the Willy B will make your blood pump fast. Run fast up the hill. Jog back down. Repeat. Coach Vican will be administering the pain via whistle blows. Show up because that’s what we do. JUST SHOW UP.

Dec. 11 Fit Flash Mob @ Bethesda Fountain (Central Park)

Next time somebody tells you there are no good outdoor fountains in NYC for workouts at 6:30 AM you punch them in the neck and tell them that’s simply not true! Bethesda Fountain is clearly in the running for BEST Outdoor Workout Fountain. That’s why we’re going to be there this Wednesday for our weekly…


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