Feb. 24 HIIT in Washington Square Park

Hight Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is our Monday morning routine. We’re fond of saying that when it comes to working out, you should never miss a Monday. Part of that is just the positive, psychological encouragement you get from starting the week off right. But we also know that our HIIT is an incredible workout…


Feb. 19 Fit Flash Mob @ Columbus Circle

There’s a reason we keep returning to Columbus Circle. It’s an awesome place to get your sweat on! And FYI, we meet smack dab in the middle of Columbus Circle. We’re not using Mr. Columbus as some reference point. We’re using his circle as our gym. Giddyup! If you have even the slightest inkling of…


Feb. 12 Fit Flash Mob @ City Hall Park

This week we head downtown to City Hall Park. X marks the spot. See you at roughly 6:27 AM. And check out all those subway options! Don’t say we didn’t make this one accessible. Or maybe just run, walk, or bike your way there? Whatever you do, make sure you show up. There are really…


Feb. 5 Fit Flash Mob @ Stuyvesant Cove Park

It is our never-ending quest to workout all over this little town. Uptown, downtown, west side, east side, bright side, and maybe, just maybe, someday we’ll hit up Sunnyside. But tomorrow morning we’ll see you bright and early at Stuyvesant Cove Park. What’s in store? You can count on one thing for sure: thirty solid…


Jan. 29 Fit Flash Mob @ Jackson Square

Think you’ve been everywhere there is to workout outdoors in NYC? Have you burpeed on Horatio Street? Intentionally? Have you ever lunged south of 14th Street? Now’s your chance! West Village here we come. Don’t let this stock photo from Wikipedia fool you, it’s gonna be a bit chilly tomorrow. Bring big gloves, a thick…


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