Bryant Park FitClub: Our New Wednesday Home

Ever have a good thing going and then it just gets even better? Want to be part of something that’s about to go from great to amazing? Rise up, NYC! Starting May 14th we’re bringin’ the fun, sweat, and high fives to midtown. Summer 2014, Wednesdays @ Bryant Park FitClub: Boot Camp with The Rise…


Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

There are so many incredible stories from everybody at The Rise recently it has been hard to keep up. People are crushing their fitness goals left and right. We’ve got people running distances they never dreamed possible. Tough Mudders and Spartan Races may not be easy but Risers certainly seem well prepared. And how about the recent string of race…


Oh, It’s On

Did somebody say it’s on? Because it’s on! Don’t let spring pass you by. Get outside and move your body. If you’re up for some group exercise, we’d love to sweat with you. Every workout is FREE — all you need to do is wake up, lace up, and show up. This week we’re at Washington…


Everything is Awesome (No More Excuses)

Have you heard the news? Everyone’s talkin’… We couldn’t be more excited about everything that is going on at The Rise. The workouts have been slammin’. The high fives are out of control. Have you heard about the birthday kisses and pies? Last Wednesday’s Fit Flash Mob in Times Square was amazing. Nancy and Patrick…


It’s April, Fools

The weather has turned a corner. Baseball is in full swing. Roses are (probably) blooming. Somewhere. Hibernation over. No more excuses. Come out and play! Tomorrow (April 2nd) we’re bringin’ the fun to Times Square for our Wednesday core body workout. New Yorkers may hate Times Square, but how many New Yorkers have done burpees,…


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