This Week on The Rise

This week on The Rise… Kadeem jumps a box (M @ 6:30am – Washington Square Park) Pau burpees in his pants (W @ 6:30am – Chinatown) Jasmin runs up a hill (F @ 6:30am – Williamsburg Bridge) …and somebody wears a hat.

Run Better with Hills

Whether you’re new to running or an old pro, one thing never changes: We all want to run harder, better, faster, and stronger. So cue the Daft Punk and come push yourself with hill work. We run up and down the Williamsburg Bridge every Friday and we’d love to run with you. Each week we…


Pier 84 Westside Workout

Bring all your excitement, pushups, and high fives to Pier 84 this Wednesday. If you’ve got room for burpees, bring them, too! We look forward to seeing bright, smiling, happy faces in the morning. We’ll start the fun at 6:30. Show up early for extra hugs, jokes, and new friends.

The Day of Reckoning

How many laps can you do? We’ll give you 30 minutes on the Williamsburg Bridge. Ready? Go! This is the day we make things official. We take an already brutal workout — sprinting up and down the incline of the Willy B. for thirty mins straight — but this time we record the results. Bring…


Feb. 26 Fit Flash Mob @ Union Square

Union Square is our unofficial home. And it’s always good to go home. We’ve counted off more pushups here than the number of organic vegetables sold by hippies at the Greenmarket. So what’s this all about? All you need to do is show up and find out. Here’s a hint: core body work. Thirty solid…


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