Push Ups Galore and More!

Wow, what a week at The Rise. There were thousands of push ups (yes, you read that right), The Rise made its debut in Bryant Park, and we did a karaoke inspired workout on the Williamsburg Bridge.  If you were at any or all of these workouts, you know how awesome last week was.  If…


Pop Quiz, Newbies

If this is going to be your first week at The Rise (and we hope it is!) then take a guess at what’s in store: High fives Smiles New friends All of the above (and everything below) On Mondays we HIIT up Washington Square Park. You will laugh, sweat, and leave with wobbly jello legs. Every…


Make Mama Proud

We all have a lot of decisions to make every day. But the first one is the worst. Wake up or hit the snooze button? It turns out, there is a right answer. Why miss out on all the excitement? Does sleeping in help get you into race shape? By the way, have we mentioned how excited…


Tuesday Night with The Rise: a Recap

Last Tuesday we assembled as many of you as we could to reflect and to collect our thoughts on how we move ahead into the future. For those of you who missed out, this post will try to recap as best we can the themes of the evening. First and foremost, we are so grateful…


This Week on The Rise

Monday S03E54: The One where The Gang Celebrates Cinco De May with High Intensity Intervals Wednesday S03E55: The One where Union Square Gets Fit Friday S03E56: The One with Running and Hills and Bridges

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