How The Rise Was Born – Part I

When you attend your first workout with The Rise, you might think that we’ve all been friends forever and just decided to start working out together.  In reality, most of us found each other through a friend, a google search, a chance encounter or just by accident.  Before I get to how some of my…


Are You Ready For Boot Camp?

Boot Camp at Bryant Park FitClub has been a huge success by all counts. Sweat? Check. High fives? Double check. Burpees? All the checks! So what happens at Boot Camp? It’s 30 minutes of fat-burning, core-building chaos. It’s hilarious exercise mayhem. You’re up. You’re down. Burpees. Pushups. Squats. Sprints. Situps. More burpees! There’s no telling what…


In Case You Missed It: The Best Week Ever

Most people sleep in on a holiday .  We at The Rise are not “most people.”  Despite the fact that Monday was Memorial Day, we came out to Washington Square Park for an extra special workout.  On Wednesday, we were back at Bryant Park and Friday was the day of “reckoning” on the Williamsburg Bridge….


Why I (We) Rise

One of the first things people say when I tell them about The Rise is “You work out at what time?!” Yes, 6:30 am is early, but 6:30 am until 7:00 am is also easily the best part of our day here at The Rise. It has come to mean so much more to us…


A Burpee To Remember

We know you’re wondering: “Is there really a workout on Memorial Day? Don’t you crazy people sleep in on long weekends?” To that we respond with one big “Awwwwwwwwwwwws yeah!” and an emphatic “Heck no!” Memorial Day is a time to remember our fallen military heroes, and you can do all of that in the afternoon…


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