Stronger than Excuses

I have a confession to make – there have been a couple of Monday mornings when I’ve hit the snooze button and skipped The Rise; and I’ve always regretted missing that awesome start to my Monday. For every reason to skip The Rise, there are even more to just show up – the endless high…


Get Up, Gear Up, Go!

What does a TV appearance, new gear and a shaved chest (stay with me here) all have in common?  All of these things happened this past week at The Rise. On Wednesday at Bryant Park, The Rise made its second appearance on LIVE TV.  Check out Anthony’s interview with Alex Denis of CBS-NY: Did you…


Burpees, Birthdays and [Water] Balloons!

Once again, we had another awesome week at The Rise.  We did hundreds of burpees, celebrated 3 birthdays and threw an endless amount of water balloons.  We also rescheduled our LIVE segment with CBS for Wednesday, July 30th! If you didn’t make it to the workouts this week, here’s what you missed: Monday AB and…


The Rise Goes Live!

BIG things are happening at The Rise this week!  Per the usual, today’s workout in Washington Square Park was a sweaty and fun time, filled with more than enough high fives and smiles.  If you didn’t make it out to Monday’s workout, make sure you come out to Bryant Park this Wednesday. Alex Denis of CBS…


The Rise: Origin Stories

Last week, I gave you a little history lesson about how The Rise was born.  This week, I turned to my fellow Risers to learn about how they found out about The Rise. These are their “origin stories”: “I got an email from the Spartan Race about a championship screening to be done the second…


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