Row Boats, Burpees and More – Oh My!

Last week was a busy one – we rowed, we voted and we obstacle course-ed.  If you didn’t make it last week (or just need a reminder of how great it was) here’s a recap: Monday: ROW BOATS! Monday was all about abs.  We rowed our boats through the fountain at Washington Square Park. Tuesday:…


Meet Team Wednesday!

The Rise is growing bigger and stronger each week! To accommodate our growth, we’ve formed “teams” (Team Monday, Team Wednesday and Team Friday) to organize and lead each workout.  Even though we are changing things up a bit, The Rise will continue to be free, fun and open to everyone! These are the fitness rockstars that…


Special Tuesday Times Square Workout Tomorrow

You read that title right. We’re going back to Times Square TOMORROW! If you’ve been thinking about joining us for a workout, make this one your first! Get there by 6:27 am and you’ll be just in time for all the fun. Get there earlier for extra high fives and smiles. At 6:30 it’s GO…


As Seen in the NY Times!

Did you read page C28 of last Friday’s NY Times? We already knew it, but the “newspaper of record” confirmed it: an early morning fitness mob wheelbarrowing up and down the TKTS steps in Times Square is worthy of “all the news that’s fit to print”! We were honored to get the good press and it…


Everything is Awesome

I have good news and bad news.  The bad news is, summer is almost over.  The good news is The Rise never stops and we continue to be awesome every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Since my last post, our gear has gotten even more awesome and we did an INSANE Labor for Labor Day Challenge….


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