The Trihards: NYC’s First Free Triathlon Team

At a recent triathlon just north of New York City, I had one goal: beat Tess Herzenberg. She comes from a competitive swimming background and I have reason to believe she’s hiding gills under her suit. I have more experience on a bike than Tess and spend as many summer weekends as possible escaping the…


Governors Island Running, Boot Camp, and Yoga with OutdoorFest

Live in the city but have a hard time spending time with nature? I know I do. I grew up near Boulder, Colorado where it’s hard not to spend significant time outdoors. But here in NYC it’s not quite so easy to just step outside and enjoy wide open green space. Or is it? Enter OutdoorFest, a ten day…


And On The Fifth Friday (Of The Month), We’re Going To The East River Amphitheater

Remember that #TeamFriday survey you were spammed with, harassed, and heckled into taking? Well, Team Friday actually read your results. And the even crazier part? Team Friday actually listened. Sixty percent of you (for those who are number illiterate, that means over half) said they would be down to try a one-time relocation workout to practice something like stadium…


This Morning Rocked on the Williamsburg Bridge

What you’ll read below is a slightly expanded and edited version of a post I put on facebook after this morning’s “Day of Reckoning” hills workout. Big ups to everybody who showed up today in the cold and powered through the rain for the full 30 minutes. I was inspired by all of the high fives,…


Special Friday Evening Workout + Free Beer

Calling all Rise virgins! Hesitant to make it out to one of our 6:30 AM workouts? Not sure what you’d be getting yourself into? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a little taste? A slice of the punk and the pie? You’re in luck. Tomorrow (Feb. 20) we’re hosting a special Flash Rise Friday in Union Square. It’s a Rise-style workout…


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