Suit Up! Group Gear Order Ends Tomorrow (Friday)

Add some more Rise to your life. Represent The Rise at your next race. Burpee faster and stronger than ever before. Order now because this group order ends tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 13 @ 11:59 PM): The final products will be shipped to Rise HQ and then distributed at workouts in early/mid-December. Easy peasy. For the…


The Brooklyn Badass Challenge

Tomorrow we celebrate one year since the Brooklyn Badasses started working out together on Tuesdays. If you don’t already have plans to get your butt kicked tomorrow morning then show up at Grand Army Plaza by 6:25AM. In addition to the best body circuit ever created, you’ll also receive lots of celebratory high fives and cake. Seriously. Cake….


The Rise – Running For Charity

Many of us are runners, many of us are runners but don’t consider ourselves runners. To the latter, I say anyone who laces up their shoes and hits the road, regardless of speed or distance, is a runner! I would ask all of those “I’m a runner” and all of those “I’m not really a runner”…


Want To Step Up Your Leadership Game? Here’s How To Do It

Have you ever wondered how the guy or girl standing in front of your morning workout got that prestigious honor? Do you get jealous of the person who’s holding the camera while you struggle to stand upright after a set of squats? How can YOU get to be the person who gives orders to the…


Special Evening Workout: Flash Rise Friday June Edition

Have you always wondered what a Rise workout was like? Have your friends ever wondered? Is 6:30AM too early to make it? What if you had the chance to join in on all the smiles and awesomeness at 6:30PM?! Well June 26th you have the chance to find out! Flash Rise Friday’s are back and will…


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