The Rise Spreads Its Wings

The Rise started in NYC, and we have a rich history in this fine city. But the fact is – the spirit of The Rise is not (and should not be) confined to arbitrarily-drawn borders. It should be free-flowing, like the Hudson River, or the Colorado River. Or the Rillito River. Or the Elsterflutbett. And what…


Rise RECAP: Jan. 15 – Jan. 19

It’s the middle of January and it is COLD. But that didn’t stop The Rise from distributing high fives across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens all week long! Here’s a quick recap of what happened: Monday – HIIT We kicked off the week by saying “see you soon” (but not “goodbye!”) to Katie and Anthony, who…


Form and Flow Moves to NYIMC! Jan. 18 – Feb. 22

Waking up for a 6:30 AM workout is tough. Waking up for a 6:30 AM winter workout is really tough. But waking up for a 6:30 AM winter yoga workout is the toughest of tough! Form and Flow differs from other Rise workouts in that it elevates flexibility and slow, controlled movements above high intensity intervals and…


New Year’s 2018 Recap

New Year’s Day was a cold one, no doubt. But it was not cold enough to keep us out of Washington Square Park, off the Coney Island Boardwalk, or out of the Atlantic Ocean! HIIT Our regularly-scheduled HIIT workout was the first thing on the menu. It was about 9°F when we got started. Luckily…


Winter Can’t Stop Us. Come Prepared!

If you’ve been following The Rise NYC for a while, then you probably know that we meet Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM all year round. Whether it’s 100°F or 0°F, we’re out there. We joke about not even needing to check the weather – why bother if the workout is happening anyway! But of…


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