Manhattan Bridge: Friday Mornings in November

Risers! I just discovered something pretty sweet. If I paste a URL for one of our Meetup events into a blog post, WordPress generates a layout with all the event details!

Hills: Manhattan Bridge

Friday, Nov 1, 2019, 6:30 AM

Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge New York, NY

2 Fitness Rock Stars Attending

Every Friday in November, we’re at the Manhattan Bridge (Manhattan side!) Meet at the start of the pedestrian path on Bowery. Hill sprints, ladders, obstacles, oh my! We’ll have it all for the next five Fridays. Followed by coffee/conversation somewhere nearby. RISE UP!

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But the point is: we’re running the Manhattan Bridge Friday mornings in the month of November. That gives us FIVE FRIDAYS of hill-sprinting, Brooklyn-exploring, lung-busting fun. The last time we were there was in August. As you may have guessed, we’re currently doing a three-month rotation between the Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and Manhattan bridges.

I just created the event about 30 minutes ago – so hop in with those RSVPs! We’ll meet on the Manhattan side on the pedestrian path. Get there at 6:28 to get in at least one hundred high fives before we begin.

See you tomorrow!

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