Happy Hour 2NITE, Willy B Tomorrow


There are several awesome things happening today, tomorrow, and for the rest of this month! As some of you may know, we’re currently in the middle of a pushup challenge. Our first goal is to do as many pushups this month as we can. Our second goal is to increase the number of consecutive pushups we can do in one sitting. If you haven’t begun the challenge yet, it’s not too late! Take this opportunity to log your pushups and use the leaderboard to push yourself!

Anyway, here’s the rest of this week’s schedule:

  1. Happy Hour (Sept 5th – TONIGHT!): Read below or see this Facebook event for deets.
  2. Hills workouts are at the Williamsburg Bridge this month! 6:30 AM on the Manhattan side every Friday until October.

Happy Hour (Sept 5th)

Happy Hour is TONIGHT, and we’re doing a mix of cycling, working out, eating, and drinking! I’ve copied the description below directly from the Facebook event:

On Thursday, September 5, The Rise is going to put in some sweat labor as we make our way to Domino Park in Brooklyn where we’ll celebrate Taco Tuesday, but on a Thursday!

Grab a CitiBike (or bring your own bike) and we’ll bike from the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn where we’ll dock near Domino Park. This is a short 1.75 mile ride.

At Domino Park, we’ll do a short (10 minute) Rise-style workout after which we’ll get some tacos at Tacocina right in the park!

1. Bike
2. Fitness
3. Tacos

Afterwards we’ll go to East River Bar for a cold one. (

Meet at the CitiBike dock at 7:00pm on Grand St. & Clinton St, just a few blocks from the Williamsburg Bridge (

– OR –

Meet at the Manhattan base of the Williamsburg Bridge at 7:15pm

– OR –

Meet at Domino Park at 7:30 – 15 River Street (South lawn, closest to South 4th Street:

We have some FREE CitiBike rental codes to give out. First come-first served. Just message us!

We hope to see you tonight – whether you’re cycling, working out, consuming tacos, and/or drinking beer!

Hills @ Williamsburg Bridge (Sept 6)

It’s back to school month – and we’re bringing apples to our favorite teacher: the Willy B!

We’ll learn how to sprint more quickly; how to complete more hill repeats than we could ever imagine; and how to use our smiles to propel us forward (both in life and fitness). We’ll study this bridge so intensely, our brains will hurt more than our legs and lungs!

So join us at 6:30 AM every Friday on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge. Followed by coffee and breakfast at Pause Cafe.


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