Rise Pushup Challenge 2019!

Risers! It’s the unofficial end of summer, and school is almost upon us. And how appropriate. Because at The Rise, we are scholars of fitness. We wake up bright and early to investigate important questions such as: how many liters of sweat can one produce in 30 minutes? What is the optimal number of high fives to distribute during a round of high knees? And when the workout hurts, is the best antidote to make it hurt more? (the answers are half a liter, 17, and YES).

For our next scholarly pursuit, we’ll be taking all of September to learn something about ourselves: how many pushups can we do in a month?

Let’s Pushup!


The Rise Pushup Challenge is quite simple compared to the Burpee Challenge we had way back in March. The instructions are on this page, but I’ve reproduced them below:

The challenge runs from Sunday, September 1st through Monday, September 30th, and it works like this:

  • On the first and last day of the challenge is a max test: do as many consecutive pushups as you can. These must be done in one sitting. Once you can’t eke out another pushup, that’s it!
  • On the other days: do as many pushups as you can, but you can spread them out however you’d like!

It’s up to you to organize your weeks. Don’t start strong and fade, or procrastinate and wait until the last minute. Try to distribute the pushups somewhat evenly!


Every time you complete your daily pushups, you must submit them through our website to get credit. There are three hashtags for this challenge that are used to submit a challenge entry:

  • #MaxTest1: The max test for the first day of the challenge – September 1st
  • #MaxTest2: The max test for the last day of the challenge – September 30th
  • #PlainOldPushups: For every other day!

Make sure you’re using the right hashtag for each submission!

While we do have a leaderboard for this challenge to foster some healthy competition, the only real goals are to (1) be consistent, and (2) improve!

Remember – we start TOMORROW, September 1st. Get ready for Max Test 1 – as many pushups as you can do consecutively!


Yeah Buddy!

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