Hills @ Manhattan Bridge on August Fridays!

The month of August is upon us. It is hot, humid, and most of us are ready for PSL season. But the show must go on, and a new Friday hill must be chosen. We’ve decided to meet on the Manhattan side of the Manhattan Bridge!

Tomorrow (August 2nd) at 6:30 AM we will meet at the start of the pedestrian path on Bowery. Feel free to RSVP here!

Path to greatness

What will we be doing on this bridge? Everything, because we’ve got five Fridays this month! Hill sprints, ladders, obstacles, DAY OF RECKONNINNNGGGG, Anything Goes…or something NOT on this list? You’ll have to show up to find out!

Whatever we do, it’ll be followed by coffee somewhere nearby. The only thing better than the workout is the post-workout conversation!


Back in March we kicked off Hills 4.0 on the Brooklyn side of the bridge. The Manhattan side doesn’t have that large convenient pedestrian plaza, but it has many more transportation options. You’ve got the B/D at Grand Street, the F at East Broadway, and #AllTheLines on Canal Street. The only excuse for not getting there is “I don’t feel like it” – and no teacher would accept that line as a substitute for homework!

So join us tomorrow at 6:30 AM for the best hill workout EVER on the Manhattan Bridge.


Yeah Buddy!

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