Upper East Week: Ruck + Happy Hour

TLDR: we have TWO evening events this week. A ruck on Tuesday as part of our July Rucking Series (followed by drinks), and a happy hour on Thursday. Both are on the Upper East Side and begin at 7 PM:

  • The Tuesday night ruck goes from the Roosevelt Island Tramway (60th St. and 2nd Avenue) to Genesis Bar (89th St. and 2nd Ave) via the East River Greenway. It’s a 3 mile walk and will take us an hour.
  • The Thursday night happy hour is at the East End Bar and Grill (87th St. and 1st Avenue). No workout clothes needed – come eat and drink with us!

The Ruck

Last week we walked with our backpacks on from Zuccotti Park to Clinton Hall. The route took us around the southern tip of Manhattan, where we saw beautiful views while working up a sweat!

Today (7/9) the July Rucking Series takes us to the Upper East Side of Manhattan. We’ll meet at Tramway Plaza (60th St. and 2nd Ave) at 7 PM, walk to the East River Greenway, and take on 3 miles before finishing at Genesis Bar on 89th and 2nd!

If you haven’t been able to make our morning workouts, this is a great chance to meet some Risers and join the community! We’ll leave at 7:08 and be at the bar at around 8:10. Feel free to meet us there if you’re running late!

The Happy Hour

As for happy hour – we’ll be meeting at East End Bar and Grill (87th St. and 1st Avenue) at 7 PM on Thursday (7/11). Nothing more to it than that! Join us for food, drink, and classic Risey conversation. Bring whomever you want. We’re just hanging out!

You’ve got so many chances to get your butt to a Rise event this week – and you don’t even have to wake up at an unreasonable hour! Take advantage of this opportunity and #RiseUp!

Yeah Buddy!

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