Two Bridges = One Heck of a Ruck

Today is the third event in our July Rucking Series, and we’re going to be tackling two iconic NYC bridges! During last year’s rucking challenge, we took on a group ruck that started in Manhattan, went across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn, and returned to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge. This time, we’re going to tackle the two bridges in reverse.

Meet on the Manhattan side of Manhattan Bridge at 7 PM, on the large pedestrian space. The route is a little over three miles in total. We will start our journey at 7:08 PM and it will take us roughly an hour to get to the bar (so figure we’ll be there by 8:10). The route map is below:

Afterwards we’ll head to Dark Horse for some drinks and good eats! I’ve never been to this bar, but the reviews are quite positive on Yelp. AND it’s across from one of our classic hangouts – Manhattan Proper. So if anything is awry (e.g. the kitchen is closed due to a recent fire, which happened on our last two rucks!), we’ve got a great fallback spot!

Feel free to RSVP if you’re interested! (We know you’re interested, so just RSVP!)

See you ruckheads at 7 PM. RISE UP

Yeah Buddy!

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