Final July Ruck! The Willy B Express

Risers! Our July Rucking series comes to a close this week. Last Tuesday our ruck took us from DUMBO to Red Hook, and were treated to some beautiful views of the sunset.

This week’s views might not be quite as scenic, but it features our favorite bridge – the Willy B!

TONIGHT (7/30) at 7 PM meet on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge. We will complete a 3 mile ruck to and through Williamsburg. The route is below:

rucking route across Williamsburg Bridge to Radegast Biergarten

We’ll wrap up at one of our favorite spots: Radegast Hall and Biergarten on Berry and 3rd Street!

picture of the inside of Radegast Biergarten

Bring friends! Bring water! And most importantly, bring your backpack full of stuff!


Yeah Buddy!

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