July 2019

Two Bridges = One Heck of a Ruck

Today is the third event in our July Rucking Series, and we’re going to be tackling two iconic NYC bridges! During last year’s rucking challenge, we took on a group ruck that started in Manhattan, went across the Brooklyn Bridge into Brooklyn, and returned to Manhattan via the Manhattan Bridge. This time, we’re going to…


Upper East Week: Ruck + Happy Hour

TLDR: we have TWO evening events this week. A ruck on Tuesday as part of our July Rucking Series (followed by drinks), and a happy hour on Thursday. Both are on the Upper East Side and begin at 7 PM: The Tuesday night ruck goes from the Roosevelt Island Tramway (60th St. and 2nd Avenue)…


Hills at the Brooklyn Bridge in July!

A month of hills at our beloved Williamsburg Bridge has come to an end – but we’re going to stick with the theme of iconic bridges in NYC. This month, we’ll be meeting on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge! We’ve met on this bridge a handful of times in the past. We’ve done…