Return of the Ruck!

Risers! Summer is officially in full swing. Yes, it’s hot and humid. But it’s also the perfect weather for socializing outdoors and enjoying cool, refreshing adult beverages. Our monthly happy hours have taken care of the social part, sure, but it’s summer in NYC. I think we should see each other more often – especially those folks who have had trouble getting up for 6:30 AM workouts!

Bierocracy – one of our favorite happy hour spots

Last year, we had a monthly challenge series that started with Burpees in January and planks in December. The July challenge last year was rucking – the art of walking around wearing a weighted backpack. Once a week, we would meet on Tuesdays to complete part of the challenge together. We walked distances from 3-6 miles and ended at a bar, where we reveled in our rucking accomplishments and enjoyed food and drink together.

So for July of 2019 – we’re going to reboot the ruck!

We’ll meet every Tuesday in July at 7 PM for a 3’ish mile ruck. Unlike last year, there are no additional challenges/homework assignments. Just show up and walk with us!


We will meet THIS TUESDAY at the red cube across from Zuccotti Park at 7 PM for a 3 mile ruck ending at Clinton Hall (one of our previous rucking destinations!). It will take us about an hour to get there. The route is below.

What do you need? Just bring (1) a backpack with stuff in it and (2) some water and you’re good to go! You can buy a GORUCK sack specifically designed for rucking if you’d like, but no need. Any backpack will do (but I’d definitely avoid using one of these drawstring bags)

Some other tips:

  • How much weight? From this article: “For beginners, you don’t want to ruck with more than 10% of your bodyweight. As you progress, you can load up more weight. A 20 lb ruck plate would be good for the average sized adult, you can always move up to a 30 lb plate later. As you can see, the biggest ruck plate is 45 lbs – that’s probably the most you should ruck with as an advanced trainee.”
  • Bring water. Bring water. Bring water. It’s July. It’s hot and humid most of the time. Be smart.
  • Never stop smiling.

See you ruckheads Tuesday night at the red cube!!

Yeah Buddy!

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