Fort Greene Park, Happy Hour, Willy B, Oh My!

Risers! It’s hot, humid, and perfect for getting our sweat on! We’re going to round out this summer-y week with three awesome events, two of which are happening TONIGHT!

6:30 PM: Workout @ Fort Greene Park

At 6:30 PM we’ll meet at the cannon by the visitor’s center in Fort Greene Park (it’s about 50 yards from the Prison Ship Martyr’s monument). Chad’s got an awesome workout planned that will bust our lungs, break our legs, and blow our minds. Sound appealing? Of course it does. Because this tough workout is followed by…

7:15 PM: Happy Hour at DSK

happy hour! We’ll head to Die Stammkneipe after the workout for some food, drink, and classic Rise post-workout conversation. This is part of our monthly happy hour series, which happens on the first Thursday of every month. No matter how long you’ve been coming to The Rise, you are welcome to show up and give/take as many high fives as you’d like!

And last but not least…

6:30 AM (Tomorrow): Hills @ the Williamsburg Bridge

For the month of June we’re back at our favorite incline – the Willy B!! Meet at 6:30 AM every Friday morning this month on the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge. We will sprint. We will draw cards that determine our fate. We’ll run repeats of the hill as many times as we can. You will experience all of the workout traditions that started here on this very bridge. But that means you have to set your alarm and show up (i.e. don’t get too drunk at happy hour!).

The madness starts tonight at Fort Greene Park – 6:30 PM. See you there.


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