TIEBREAKER: The Burpee Challenge is (Almost) Over

The final week of the Rise Burpee Challenge has come to an end! Thanks to everyone who participated and put up points on the leaderboard! But it’s not the end of the story for all of our competitors: Those who have scored max points (42 in total) will be continuing on to the tiebreaker round! More on that later.

Week 4: Tougher Than Expected

I don’t know why I thought the final Burpee segment would be relatively easy. But as Anna Wood of the ATX chapter accurately stated, Sweet Sixteens are the sour patch kids of workouts. Sure, they can be sweet, but your taste buds are going to have to work hard to get there. The workout is simple: 1 Burpee followed by 15 pushups; then 2 Burpees followed by 14 pushups, all the way up to 10 Burpees and 6 pushups. The numbers always add up to 16, hence the name. It’s the only Burpee segment that has left me sprawled out on the floor multiple times this week. And that’s why this week was the best week!

Rachel feels the same way.

The Tiebreaker

The top scorers have a simple task ahead of them: complete the 100 Burpee challenge as many times as they’d like, and get each session on video. Each competitor will submit the number of sessions they completed. The competitor with the highest number will be asked to submit video proof. Upon verification, said competitor will be declared the champion!

Part of my “100 Burpee Challenge” submission

Though I previously stated that the winner(s) would be announced at our April Happy Hour, the remaining competitors will have until April 6th at 11:59 PM Eastern Time to get this done! We’ll announce the top scorer next Sunday.

The caption contest and photo contest winners will still be announced at the happy hour, which is this Thursday at 7 PM at Taproom No. 307! Come fuel up on beer and high fives after your work day. And if you Burpee-d with us this month, you might just leave a winner!


Yeah Buddy!

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