Someone Did Their 100 Burpees: Week 3 RECAP

We’ve just completed our third week of the Rise Burpee Challenge! Though our weekly segments are clearly Burpee-centric, Week 3 was a really a chest/arm burnout. We did 50 pushups broken up by 5 Burpees every minute, on the minute. If you focused on form and did your pushups nice and slow, you probably had some trouble giving high fives this week!

Pablo enjoying the cool Leipzig ground (and he literally can’t get up).

The same five Risers got full points this week – but one competitor is a whopping ten points ahead. That’s because Huy completed the 100 Burpee challenge!!

Before Saturday at midnight (Eastern Standard Time), the other four leaders must complete 100 Burpees in one session to have a chance of winning the competition. Thanks for pushing us Huy!

The Word Is Spreading

We might be a few weeks into the challenge already, but more and more Risers are jumping in and putting up numbers. We now have Rise ATX representation on the leaderboard! Anna #JustShowedUp and crushed a ton of Burpees with the crew down there.

And Rise co-founder Joseph “Daddy” Mullins is getting in on the action as well!

Week 4: “Sweet Sixteens”

The final weekly segment is as follows: do 1 Burpee and 15 squats; 2 Burpees and 14 squats; and continue this pattern until completing 10 Burpees and 6 squats!

Earn three points by completing the final #IShowedUp subchallenge at our Monday HIIT workout – 6:30 AM in Washington Square Park. There’s just one week left, but it’s never too late to take on the challenge! (unless it’s March 31st or later, in which case you’re actually too late!)


Yeah Buddy!

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