Burpee Challenge: Week 2 RECAP

We’re about halfway through the Rise Burpee Challenge and we just conquered the hardest week! The Burpee Segment Of the Week was to do 50 Burpees straight, as fast as you can. Simple? Yes. Tough? Yes!

Post-Burpee joy!

Everyone who earned full points during week 1 crushed it again during week 2! But unlike last week, Pablo and Luisa aren’t the only power couple taking on challenge. Katie and Anthony are tackling their Burpees down in Mexico! That beautiful background greenery makes me want to fly down there and join them.

…though doing Burpees in an apartment in Leipzig also seems like a good time!

Week 3: Race to 50

This week’s segment is as follows: Do 5 Burpees every minute, on the minute. In between, do as many pushups as you can. Once you get to 50 pushups, you’re done! But make sure you do those pushups properly! Don’t rush through them with poor form just because you’re tired, or want to do fewer Burpees. They call it a challenge for a reason.

Tomorrow’s your chance to get your #IShowedUp workout in nice and early in the week. Our HIIT workout is at 6:30 AM in Washington Square Park. Get your butt kicked, Burpee some Burpees, and earn three points! Oh and click here to read up on the challenge and how to throw your hat in the ring.


Yeah Buddy!

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