Burpee Challenge: Week 1 RECAP

NOTE: We have a new rule starting Monday! If you attend multiple Rise workouts each week, you’ll want to read to the bottom to find out what it is!

The Rise Burpee Challenge has just concluded its first week, and the competition is fierce! We have five Risers with full points for the week on the leaderboard, including two from our Leipzig chapter!

Our first Burpee Segment Of the Week (BSOW!) consisted of one minute of Burpees, followed by a minute of rest, followed by half the initial number of Burpees every minute, on the minute, for five minutes. If you stay on pace, you’re looking at 30 seconds of Burpees followed by 30 seconds of rest. If you slow down, you get less time to rest!

From Huy’s final week 1 BSOW

Haven’t taken on the challenge yet? It’s not too late to start! Nobody has tried the 100 Burpee Challenge yet for 10 points! There will be additional winners for the photo and caption contest, so make sure to throw your hat in the ring!

Week 2: 50 Burpees

Our second BSOW is simple: 50 Burpees as fast as you can. Consider it practice for the 100 Burpee Challenge. Kirsten just completed her first segment and is currently in the lead!

Post-Burpee glow

NOTE: New Rule

So what’s the rule? If you attend more than one Rise workout per week, you can count one workout towards #IShowedUp and the rest towards #ProjectAfterHours. That might encourage you to get your butt to more workouts!


Yeah Buddy!

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