Take On The Rise’s Burpee Challenge In March!

Way back in January of 2018, we took on our Rise Burpee Challenge – the first of twelve monthly challenges last year. We ran for ten minutes a day in February, learned the joys of rucking in July, and held a plank for the entire month of December (at least that’s how it felt!)

If you recall, we asked for your feedback on all these challenges to determine what worked, what didn’t, and what’s missing. So thanks to everyone who filled out our survey! After reading your responses, we decided to spend some time brainstorming and wait until March to roll out the 2019 challenge series. We hope you’ve enjoyed the break and we know you’ll be ready to work your butts off next week!

We will begin the 2019 challenge series the same way we did last year – with BURPEES! But things are going to work a bit differently this time around. We think you’re going to like it.

The Rise Burpee Challenge Page is LIVE

Check out this page for all the details on the 2019 Rise Burpee Challenge! The challenge doesn’t begin until Sunday, March 3rd, but make sure to take the time to read the instructions and leave a comment or contact us if anything is unclear! Once the challenge begins you’ll be able to earn points by logging your workouts. We’ve even got a leaderboard! (but you’ll have to wait until March 3rd before that goes live…)

I’ve included some details here as well:

  • The Rise Burpee Challenge challenge is divided into three subchallenges that allow you gain points throughout the month. The participants to earn the most points will win a prize. There are additional prizes for winners of the photo and caption contests (see this page for more details).
  • Two of the three subchallenges require one to complete the Burpee “segment of the week“. Each week, there will be a short workout segment that may be completed to earn points.
  • One of the three subchallenges is 100 Burpees straight! Ouch.
  • We’ll reveal the winners and distribute prizes at our April happy hour (location TBD).

Familiarize yourself with the challenge, practice your Burpees, and think up a fun nickname for the leaderboard!



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