Hills 4.0: Exploring NYC One Month (And Hill) At A Time

TLDR: Hills happen on Friday mornings at 6:30 AM, and we’re switching locations once a month. RSVP for the March 1st Manhattan Bridge Meetup here!

As many of you know, Fridays have been on hiatus since that last rainy Hills workout in late December. Since then, we’ve spent several weeks pondering what the next generation of Friday mornings should look like. Early on, there was agreement that the location could use a change. While the Willy B is a great bridge for runners, there are so many different places to explore in NYC! The Rise also had a flash mob element early in its history, and we felt this was the perfect opportunity to bring it back.

So during our hiatus we did some exploring on inclines throughout NYC! We called this the #SilentHills series because we didn’t publicize it (unless you were a part of our Facebook Group!)

Pulaski Bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge!

Cat Hill in Central Park! (It was cold…)

We came up with some locations that would be ideal for the types of hill-running workouts we know and love. And tomorrow we start with…

Manhattan Bridge (Brooklyn Side)

From March 1st (TOMORROW) through the 29th, we’ll be on the pedestrian plaza on the Brooklyn side of the Manhattan Bridge! We’re there at 6:30 AM – as usual!

Huy studied this bridge extensively a few weeks back and found convenient markers at 200, 400, 600 and 800 meters from the base. You can bet we’ll be using these when we write up our workouts!

Taken by Huy Duong during his study.

Take the F train to York Street, OR the A/C to High Street, OR the 2/3 to Clark Street to get to the bridge. March has blessed us with five Fridays and, thus, five chances to show the Manny B who’s boss!

Afterwards we’ll head to Vineapple Cafe for some classic Rise-style coffee and conversation. Bring friends! Bring family! Let’s give the Friday Hills series a proper welcome after the long hiatus.


Yeah Buddy!

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