Enter 2019 With Abs of Steel: December Plank Challenge!

Our November Lunge Challenge is over! Did you crush it? Have you been stiff-legging your way around the city for most of the month? Or did you ditch the 150 lunges a day in favor of 150 Burpees? Let us know!

It’s December – which means we’re in the last month of 2018 AND the last month of challenges!! Amazing. Time flies when you’re having fun and crushing goals. Well – this challenge will help make time go a little bit slower so we can savor the little bit we have left before the new year.

It’s the December Plank Challenge!

Put this on your fridge.

In total, we will be doing 84 minutes of planks over 28 days. That comes out to an average of three minutes a day. But we aren’t doing three minutes a day. Instead we’ll be following this plan that The Rise ATX came up with last December!

The challenge.

We start easy – with 1 set of 30 seconds a day. Each day the number of sets increases by 1 – until the following week when we add 10 more seconds per set and start from 1 again. The plan ends on December 30th. Your reward is spending your New Year’s Eve plank free…unless you decide to challenge your friends to a plank-off that night. You’ll probably definitely win.

Will you commit to the challenge?


One last thing

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