Run With Us! Willy B to the Rockefeller Tree

It’s that time of year folks. The fountain is off in Washington Square Park, giving us plenty of Burpee space inside. Holiday music is playing in #AllTheStores. And last night was the Tree Lighting Ceremony at Rockefeller Center!

So for the second year in a row, in honor of the fifth Friday of the month, we’re going to run from the Willy B to the Rockefeller Tree!

Tomorrow (Friday, Nov. 30th) at 6:30 AM, we’ll be doing a 3.3 mile run from the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge to Rockefeller Center.

The route is below (also viewable on MapMyRun):

There will be no bag drop. Bring yourself and a running bag full of whatever else you need! Got a lot of stuff to bring? Load up a back pack and turn it into a ruck!

Curious? Check out last year’s album on Facebook. It was cold, but the run combined with the magical tree warmed our hearts and extremities.

See you at the Williamsburg Bridge tomorrow morning!

Remember, no bag drop!

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