We’re Jumping Rope in September

It’s Labor Day weekend – which means that summer is coming to a close. This also means that our flutterkick challenge is over! We took on 50 flutterkicks a day – Monday through Friday – for a total of 1000 flutterkicks in the month of August!

But the time has come for a new challenge. And we’re adding a new prop to the mix – the jump rope!

Photo by Justin Steele

5 Minutes of Jump Rope A Day

September’s challenge is to jump rope for five minutes a day! Jumping rope is great. It’s lightweight and portable, but delivers a ton of benefits. Take it with you to work and bust out your five minutes during your lunch break. All your peers will respect your dedication to jumping rope – especially if you work for a stock photo company.

Don’t have a jump rope? Buy one here. You can mimic the motions while you wait for it to arrive. Or mimic them all month. You do you.

Don’t know how to jump rope? The awesome folks at Punk Rope have posted a video on their 4-Step method to jumping rope. It’s also embedded below.

The challenge starts NOW.

Get on it! Five minutes a day until the end of September. No weekends off! As a bonus, throw in an extra five minutes sometime this month to make up for September 1st.

And hey – if you get really good – they might even build a statue in your honor.


Yeah Buddy!

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