R is for…

We’re a third of the way through September, which means we’ve only got a week and a half left before fall kicks in! We all love that F word, but for now it seems like the letter is taking center stage! Why R? Well – let’s go through some keywords.


This week has been off to a nasty start! Google tells me this week is going to be dominated by precipitation.

But good thing is – The Rise doesn’t care about rain! We work out in all conditions.

This is the only life we’ve got – let’s make it count! Don’t be scared back into bed by the elements. Embrace it!


We’re back at our rucking game this week (in fact, we’re rucking tonight!). Rucking is just walking with a weighted backpack. A few weeks ago we tackled a three mile ruck from Manhattan to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge.

Our September RUCKoning workout is TONIGHT (Tuesday) at 7 PM, and it will keep us in one place. We will trade in the simple walk for bicep curls, overhead squats, and more! We’ll be meeting at Stuyvesant Cove Park for a 45 minute workout, followed by food and drink at Molly’s Pub on 3rd Ave! You won’t want to miss it – RSVP here!

And don’t forget your backpack!


This month is our jump rope challenge! Just five minutes of jump rope a day, every day until the end of September! Don’t have a jump rope? You should probably buy one – but we won’t tell anyone if you opt for an imaginary rope.

We’ve even been incorporating some jump roping into our workouts to help you get them done. Keep at it!

Rise (duh)

And of course, the letter R is in our name! We meet Monday through Friday at 6:30 AM ALL over the city. Check out all our photos, workout schedules, and previous blog posts. We’d love to see you at a future workout! Just show up, and the rest will follow. We’re pretty good at friendship. And throwing morning birthday parties.



Yeah Buddy!

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