September 2018

Dip into October

September has come to an end (insert Green Day joke here) and so has our jump rope challenge. How did you fare? Did you ever get around to buying a jump rope? Did you successfully jump rope for five minutes a day? Let us know! For those of you not looking to invest in any…


R is for…

We’re a third of the way through September, which means we’ve only got a week and a half left before fall kicks in! We all love that F word, but for now it seems like the letter R is taking center stage! Why R? Well – let’s go through some keywords. Rain This week has been…


We’re Jumping Rope in September

It’s Labor Day weekend – which means that summer is coming to a close. This also means that our flutterkick challenge is over! We took on 50 flutterkicks a day – Monday through Friday – for a total of 1000 flutterkicks in the month of August! But the time has come for a new challenge….