RUCKoning TONIGHT + Weekly Recap

Tonight is the night folks – our super special amazing RUCKoning workout! We’ll meet at the north end of Sara D. Roosevelt Park (Houston St. between Chrystie and Forsyth), work out for about 45 minutes, and then head to Loreley Beer Garden to fuel up (for Wednesday’s Boot Camp workout, of course). Make sure to RSVP! (And make sure you bring your ruck sack!)

Read on for a recap of what we did last week! You can also view all the photos from those workouts here.

Monday – HIIT

At our HIIT workout we did a lot of sprinting – to the arch and back, round the fountain, and to the arch and back again!

We also took on a some Burpee variations. “Burpees without the pushup” were mistakenly announced as “Burpees without the Burpee”. As appealing as those may sound, they won’t kick your butt and they just ain’t worth waking up for!

Join us every Monday! We’re always in the same place at the same sweet sweet time – 6:30 AM!

Tuesday – Brooklyn Body Circuit

To celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday, Rabi led us on a magical journey through the world of Harry Potter.

We started with a trip to Diagon Alley where we did a bunch of exercises..diagonally!

From there, we did a 30 second circuit with 8 seconds of rest between each themed exercise (30+8 = 38, which is how old Harry is today).

Finally, we had some Quidditch practice with chasers, beaters, and seekers!

Yeah Buddy!

Tuesday – Queens Warriors

The Queens Warriors did what they do best – sprint, crunch, and smile their troubles away!

They’re in MacDonald Park, Queens EVERY Tuesday at 6:30 AM. Get some!

Wednesday – Core Body Boot Camp

We crushed a deck of cards, met new inspiring Risers during the ball bag challenge, pushed so hard during an AMRAP circuit, and we killed the Russian twists enduro.

Rise cofounder Anthony Burdi!

AND we enjoyed a great breakfast!

In a word, we went to the Wednesday Rise!

Thursday – Kings of Queens

What did the Kings of Queens do last week? It’s all written down!

The four-by-four + dice + pyramid format has been a staple of Thursdays since the birth of the Kings of Queens workout. Why? Because it works.

The format is fixed, but the exercises, weather, and attendees change. No workout is the same – but you’re guaranteed to (1) work your butt off and (2) meet some new people!

So roll the dice – come to a Thursday workout at MacDonald Park and see what’s in store!

Friday – Hills

Happy SPRINTS Day from the WillyB!

This group of rockstars knocked out 10 45-second sprints (with 1:45 rest between each) in 30 minutes in some swampalicious conditions.

August in NYC is not for the faint of heart. Way to leave everything out on the bridge you wily WillyB badasses!

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Yeah Buddy!

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